What I saw 7 and half years after Tohoku Earthquake ~My Visit to Sendai and Fukushima~

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I visited Miyagi and Fukushima, which were devastated by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami

Though some of those areas are not fully recovered, Japanese media seldom show us what is happening there.

So I got furious and determined to visit these area and try to find how’s them now.


I show you how Miyagi and Fukushima were at 11/9/2018, seven and half years after the earthquake.


People are suffering EVEN NOW

Facts of 3.11

Tohoku earthquake is the 4th most powerful earthquake in the world since 1900.

It had caused 15,896 deaths and 6,157 injury, and 2,537 people are missing.



Seven and half years have passed since the Tohoku Earthquake, but according to Mainichi Newspaper, about 58,000 people cannot live in their hometown.

Even now, we cannot reach some areas in Fukushima.

Tohoku Earthquake is not a past event, but a continuous tragedy.


Where I went

I visited Arahama elementary school and Namie town.

Arahama elementary school was a school placed in Miyagi, devastated by the Tsunami.

Namie town in Fukushima, some areas of which are the nuclear evacuation zone


I hope that the areas will revive as soon as possible.


Donation via Japanese Red Cross


First day in Miyagi

On September,11,2018, the day 7.5 years after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, I visited Miyagi Prefecture, one of the devastated area by 3.11.

Sendai, the capital of Miyagi, has more than one million people.

Pic of Sendai Station

It had a flourishing atmosphere  when I visited it, but is one of cities damaged by the tsunami.


I visited Sendai 3/11 Memorial Community Center and saw many pictures related to the history of earthquakes in Miyagi

In 2021, ten years after Tohoku earthquake, the government is going to close the Reconstruction Agency, an organization established to coordinate reconstruction activities related to it  and Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

The sentence makes us think deeply.


Arahama Elementary School

Then, I went to Arahama Elementary School.

It has been open as Earthquake Disaster Relic since 2017.

ありがとう 荒浜小学校(Thank you, Arahama elementary school)

It shows that the tsunami reached 2nd floor of the school

The fence has been broken. It has not changed since 2011.

Inside it. The ceiling of 1st floor is peeled off.

2nd floor. tsunami reaching line, about 30cm above the floor.

Scenery from its roof. You can see Pacific ocean over there.

It is related very close to the ocean (about 1 kilometer)

Tidal wave of the ocean reached the school and killed many children.


2nd day in Fukushima

I was longing to go there, Namie, Fukushima,

It was , and has been severely affected by Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

We had been unable to enter the town until March 31,2017 and  still cannot enter some areas.



Namie Station

Namie station. None except I was there.

According to a research, the radiological dosage there was over 1.9 μSv/h in 2011

When I visited there, it was 0.219μSv/h


A café is going to open this autumn (It would have been open). It has been progressing toward revival, though Japanese mass media SELDOM tell such a great news.

I saw some billboard of “TOHOKU” electric power company, not TOKYO.

Actually, electricity produced in Fukushima nuclear plant had been used around Tokyo, not in Fukushima.

Electricity used in Fukushima is produced by TOHOKU electric power company.


There were some flowers. I was somehow relieved.


Nuclear Evacuation Zone

I reached the nuclear evacuation zone, I cannot go over the signboards.

There is 11.3 kilometers away from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. It would take about 2hours and 20 minutes on foot to reach the plant.

When I come next time I hope I am allowed to go further.


Around there

Many houses and parlors were assigned to be 解体家屋 (houses that is going to be demolished), though they still remained unbroken.

However, I am NOT saying that there are no progress.

I found many trucks (many were from Ministry of Environment) .

Closed stores were used as  the headquarters of decontamination activity.

There were some shops and a shopping center.

I bought a pack of garlic rice and vegetable hanpen tempura.

They were delicious.


What I found was that the reconstruction activity is going on NOW.


I hope the day will come when all evacuees are allowed to come back to their own homeland (^●ω●^).


Donation via Japan Platform 


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